Wood heating

Le Salon Du Poêle offers a wide range of robust and reliable wood burners. We work mainly with three major brands.

THERMOROSSI is an Italian manufacturer of high quality, which is one of the European leaders in the production of stoves, inserts and boilers. Their products are subjected to rigorous tests carried out by independent bodies responsible for evaluating their construction characteristics, performance and emission levels, as well as the quality of the production process. Thermorossi controls every phase of production. All products comply with the most stringent European standards.
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DROOF is a German company that offers high quality wood burners with long service life and optimal combustion technology. The qualité of their burners exceed current legal standards.
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Camina and Schmid: Schmid is one of the leading manufacturers of fireplaces and inserts in Germany, offering a wide range of fireplace sizes and finishes. Camina offers high-quality stone chimney coverings as well as a range in reinforced refractory concrete, which retains the heat and releases it progressively, even several hours after combustion. These covers can be painted in the colors of your choice and are easily detachable should you move house.