Pellet boilers

Savings and respect for the planet

Considering the increasing costs of fuel and electricity, you may have considered replacing your fuel boiler?

At the Salon du Poêle in Saint Junien, we have looked for solutions to meet this increasing demand. We offer pellet boilers with manual or automatic loading.
Replacing your oil boiler with a pellet boiler will save you a lot of money, while helping to save the planet.
The return on investment can take as little as 6 years!

Our partners

KWB is an Austrian manufacturer of boilers ranging from 2.8 to 300 Kw, from the domestic to the industrial boiler, they can be totally automatic, and are extremely efficient and high-quality.

Thermorossi is an Italian manufacturer of domestic boilers, very good value for money, simple, reliable and robust. Their contemporary pellet boilers are ideal for domestic heating. The motorized burner with patented technology keeps the thermal efficiency high and constant throughout the day. They are silent and easy to use and clean, making this range an alternative and ecological solution to the traditional home heating system.